Monday, March 20, 2017

Collectin' Jeets:1998 Upper Deck Retro

I thought another fun segment on this blog would be to showcase a few more of my Yankee cards as I know the blogosphere is loaded with baseball and baseball card fanatics.

One of my bigger Yankee collections player-wise, is of one of my favorite Yanks all-time. Makes sense doesn't it?

Mr. Derek Jeter!

So inside of this binder like the Griffey one I have, I found these once at a dollar store so couldn't go wrong, are all of my Jeters. Currently I sit at 227 different ones. Not a huge collection,but a fairly decent one.

I have backed off Jeter chasing in the past 10 years due to the cost of his cards. They are not cheap. I also had to make the decision on that when I decided to get back to Collectin' Griffey again a few years ago. Even though Jeter played for my team vs Griffey who never did, I still liked Griffey a bit more and had a much more significant collection of him so I stayed with him. However, when I pull a Jeter or see a cheap one or can trade for one, I will definitely make a move.
Today's kickoff to this new segment features a card from 1998 UD Retro. A product that had both a retro look and feel. One you could also after busting a box pack your lunch in. That's right, the boxes of the product were metal lunch boxes. Pretty cool. I own one of the Griffey versions but not the Jeter. Maybe a future chase.

Jeter was base card #67 in the set and featured a photo of him finishing off one of his signature swings. I like the card because it's a sharp photo and seeing the pinstripes showing some dirt from possibly from one of his amazing diving plays.
Thoughts on this new segment and today's card are welcomed in comments!


  1. Just don't mistype and say you're collecting "Jets." That would be sad.

    I have a very small Jeter collection because he fits into every single one of my mini-collections (ROY? Check. All-Star MVP? Check. World Series MVP? Check.) as well as sharing a birthday with my wife. But the cost of his cards when I'm not collecting for the sake of my fandom also prevents me from seeking him out more.

    1. Oh gosh no. I will Def watch out for that. No Jets on here. Blue all the way lol.

      I hear ya. Griffey is much cheaper than Derek.