Thursday, March 30, 2017

Customer Service At It's Best

Before I started my Snagging Cardboard blog-that is all NY Giants related in cards, memorabilia and personal stories- I had already uploaded a bunch of drafts on here with Giants related posts. So I will keep those on here til they are all published. I do hope you check out the new blog and add it to your daily reads:)

A few months ago long before the season ended, Victor Cruz, yes the now former Giants WR, tweeted out a pic of some signed items he had done with his new partnership with Gillette and made it sound like those items would be available for fans who put dibs in on them.

So obviously without question I was going to say dibs on one of them. I really wanted the mini helmet.

And about a week later, Gillette had replied to me and made my dibs a reality. I felt like I was on cloud 9.

What I didn't expect, was the little bit of turmoil afterwards with trying to get the item. I spent weeks on end messaging Gillette on Twitter checking in to see if the item had been shipped and sometimes I would get a response saying they would ship soon and other times my requests would be ignored. Either way, two months had almost passed and it appeared I wasn't going to get an answer on the mini helmet. So I had almost given up until I decided to contact their customer service via email.

The person on the other end was way beyond polite. She quickly found out where my item was, apologized many times over and even said they would throw in a few extras to make up for it. Probably by far the best customer service I have ever dealt with. I am pretty glad I use their items for shaving knowing if I ever had a problem that they would resolve it quickly.

Within two days a much bigger box arrived than I expected and what they sent completely blew my socks off.

Not only was it the signed helmet, but a signed deodorant box and a signed NFL Authentic football. Talk about some customer service at it's best.


A big thanks goes out to Gillette for their generosity and their top-notch customer service. I apologize that this thank you has taken so long for me to get it out, but when my other planned post for today didn't publish, it was a sign I needed to get this one done.

Thoughts on my mail day and the best customer service you have dealt with are welcomed below!


  1. Wow! That's totally awesome. Congrats on the great addition to your collection. Thank you for sharing a great outcome.


  2. Signed deodorant! Now that is unique.

  3. Wow. that is very cool. You got very lucky. Congrats!


  5. Now is that game-used deodorant? lol