Saturday, March 4, 2017

Mail Day Saturday: Reader Mail Day IV

Today, if you guys don't mind, I am doing another Mail Day Saturday Triple Feature as I am trying to catch up on many mail days. Today's triple round will cover three parts of my mail day from avid Sport Card Collectors blog reader Grady M. It won't cover all of my posts from his mail day, but will close the gap by a lot.

Part IV of this mail day covers one of my favorite insert sets year in and year out from Topps, First Pitch. I still have yet to chase down any of the sets or even pick up a few I really want such as "Fluffy" and William Shatner as my focus is on other collecting priorities first, but when I can add to my collection of those I am always happy. It also helps close the gap for when I am ready.

My favorite of this group is this card. Yes it features my most hated baseball team but that's not what matters here. Because it also features one of the most inspiring young generous collectors I have ever seen in Brady Kahle. He is the one who runs Cards 4 A Cause which sells cards, including his own collection, which proceeds help support children with cancer including his friend pictured on the card as well I believe. You can follow him and his journey here on Twitter.

Thoughts on today's cards are welcomed in comments!

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