Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Mail Day Saturday:Matches Made In Heaven Part 1

(I do understand today is not Saturday and I have not been drinking, I have actually never had a drink in my life, but these posts couldn't wait to be shown off with all of my excitement)

You ever just scroll through someones blog or your timeline on Twitter or Facebook and fall in love with a card or two someone is selling? I did. But, for me right now, buying anything isn't really an option and trading I usually only do within my circle.

However, something about these cards spoke to me. I couldn't just let them slip by, I had to inquire if a trade at all was possible even though I know the individual was trying to sell them.

So I began the conversation with @APetrelak on Twitter knowing he was a huge hockey fan and told informed him I had a good amount of hockey items I was looking to trade away. They were 6 pucks and a mini stick all signed by different players with some being top rookies and all being Upper Deck authenticated.

Why did I have all of that available? Well, I have begun trying to condense my collection down to just cards at this point as I feel memorabilia items take up a lot of space and for the most part have spent their time just sitting in totes. No point in having them if you're not enjoying them.

He seemed interested and kept inquiring more info on the items as he didn't usually trade much. The conversations continued and it actually wasn't long til we agreed to a trade. I was so ecstatic I almost dropped my phone when I read his yes response. I knew we had just accomplished a match made in heaven for both of us. He got hockey items he collected and I got a couple of drool worthy baseball cards along with quite a few others.

Before I show the main showcase tomorrow, I am going to show off the rest and build you up. All of the cards I traded for came from 2015 Panini USA Stars And Stripes baseball which I am a big fan of all USA products. The other cards featured in today's post are the freebies he nicely tossed in.

So here we go!

There was a good helping stack of base including these stars:

Some Longevity parallels

Inserts with some big names like Seager and Russell

More inserts and more Seager:

Diamond Kings. Love the design and can't go wrong adding another Swanson.

If you have read my blog, you know I love shiny and chromed things. The fact these are also the sickly designed Crusades, is a bonus. 12 new ones here. Maybe I should look to see how many I actually have in this set since I have busted a few boxes of the product myself. Some good names in here including Frank Thomas.

Believe me, there is more USA to show but you will have to wait til tomorrow to see my home run of an add.

But here are the freebies he nicely tossed in. Some Opening Day including a Servino rookie. Some NYG and some NYR.

Finishing this off is a Joc Pederson rookie from Bowman.

And a pretty cool looking promo card from Leaf. Not something I have ever seen but am happy to add to my 90's PC.

  Part 2 coming up tomorrow. Keep a napkin handy or put on a bib, cause you may drool.

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  1. Great cards and post. I hadn't seen much on the Stars and Stripes cards and I think I'll look for those. Thanks.