Thursday, March 9, 2017

Mail Day Saturday:Matches Made In Heaven Part 2

Hope you took my advice and have your napkin handy as you may drool as I am again.

Before I continue on with Part 2 of my trade gallery, I must note that I don't always do huge trades like this with just anyone. Normally, these trades I keep between myself and Project Pedro Blog or 90's Niche Football Card Blog as they are my top 2 trusted traders, but having known @APetrelak for awhile, I knew it was safe and the cards he had up for offer I really wanted.

Up first, an Albert Almora red crusade /99

Some may call this a Christmas Card or maybe that's just Breakdown Cards, a nice sweet parallel of future star Michael Conforto

A nice Lindor swatch

Trea Turner who may turn heads this season auto. I think it's my second one of his

And one amazing patch of Yankees first rounder Blake Rutherford. This was one of the two cards I really wanted....

The second and one I wanted the most.......
That's right! A stinkin Kris Bryant autograph! The auto is done on-card too you could say, but on an acetate swatch. So stoked to finally nailed one down and now it can be taken off my want list. Which coincidentally, I had just updated my want list, HERE.

A huge thanks goes out to @APetrelak for this amazing trade and the help to make a Kris Bryant auto possible for me. I don't think I would have been able to ever get one any other way.

Thoughts on today's mail day are welcomed in comments!


  1. I'm sure most will say the Bryant is the crown jewel of the bunch, but that Almora Crusade is just STUNNING! I love those cards! Great haul!

  2. Wow! Great stuff. Gotta say I'm curious what you gave up in exchange for a gosh-darn Kris Bryant relic/auto /99!

    The Lindor relic and Trea auto are awesome too.

    But man, very envious of that Conforto Christmas Card.. as you know I collect him AND cards that are #'d 12/25. If we could work out a trade for that one.. let me know.