Saturday, March 4, 2017

Mail Day Saturday:Reader Mail Day Part VI

The shiny stuff continues to dominate the mail today as Grady M really went to town in this box with it. No complaints from me.

First up, let's take a Crusade. Some great players to such as Hakeem, Payton, D-Rob, and Kareem to name a few.

Now we move onto some Prizm. So purrrrrty.

And best of all, this Okafor parallel. I think its a teal but with some of these it's tough to tell. I really wished they were labeled honestly.

Another solid part of this mail day is posted. But, there is still another five parts to go! Three more next week and then two that will be split up. So stay tuned for the good, the great and the shiny!

1 comment:

  1. Great retro cards. Hadn't seen these either. Thanks for the post.