Thursday, March 16, 2017

Nuttin' But The Hits:2014 Panini Country Music

Okay, I have said this before and I will say it again, I am not a fan of country music in any kind of way. However, Country Music cards, oh yes!

Especially for a product you can get 4 hits with at least 2 autographs per box, 5 inserts and 2 parallels for the price of a blaster and you can find big names in these to. Oh, did I mention autograph silhouettes as well. EPIC. I could bust this stuff all day.

This is my second break of this product. My first went better, but for the price, I am not complaining at all with whatever I get.

Up first, my two numbered silver parallels along with my first Darius Rucker base card. We all know Rucker from Hootie fame. Speaking of Hootie in this product, stay tuned for another card I am posting in the future.....

The hits are well designed and very colorful. You can land some pretty nice multi-color swatches.

The autographs are sticker, but still cool.

I even landed a silver /49 version.

Like I stated earlier, not a bad break for the cost and I hope to bust more down the road.

Comments on this product and thoughts on this break are welcomed in comments!


  1. I listen to country almost exclusively and there are a lot of people in this set I've never heard of...And a lot of the big names were not included. From your hits I've only heard of half of them. Granted I don't know the names of most bands individual members but I don't have face recognition either. Panini shot themselves in the foot by making this such an expensive product.

    1. There are definitely a lot of non namers. Maybe stars down the road? Like I said I don't know Country. For me the price and nice hits are the draw and the occasional big name auto you have a chance at

  2. Interesting no Panini logo on name appearing on front of any of these cards.

  3. I hated country music as a kid and well into my 30's... but then I met a girl who was obsessed with it. I'm no longer with her, but I kept all of the music she put into my itunes. Unfortunately... outside of Rucker, I don't recognize any of the names. However... I'm like you. If the price is right, I'd bust a box and hope for a Toby Keith, Keith Urban, Rascal Flatts, or Carrie Underwood relic.

  4. Go Rucker! I also don't know any of the others. As long you are happy it was a good day. Thanks for the post. I've always wondered what a break would look like.