Sunday, March 12, 2017

Sunday's With Rodney:1996 Topps Finest Gold

There were a few products of the 90's that I had to buy with every release, one of those is Finest and as you know as an avid reader of SCC, at least I hope you are, that anything chromed or has a refractor is where-it's-at for me.

In 1996, Topps Finest released their base set into three subsets. Brozne (common), Silver (uncommon) and Gold (rare). Surprisingly with all of my busting of the product, I never once pulled a gold. I did land some refractors and refractors of even Silver, but never a plain-ole-gold base card.

Well, thanks to 90's Niche Football Card Blog, I have finally added my first one and it knocks off a card need from the Hampton Want List.
You can see the word Rare on the back of the card as well. I am not technically familiar with how tough it was to land a gold, I can't imagine a base version was as tough as a refractor, but I am glad to finally have one and one that really helps towards my PC.
Thoughts on today's card welcomed in comments!


  1. Golds were inserted approximately 1 per box (1:24 packs). 1995 & 1996 were probably the peak of my Finest years. Busting packs in search of a gold refractor. Pulled one (maybe two or three) out of hockey, but none out of football.

  2. That is a great Rodney Hampton card. I always though he was an underrated player. Good luck finding a Refractor version.