Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Wrappers Of Collecting Past:1997 Fleer Ultra Series 1 Baseball

Fleer Ultra was a standby product of mine in the 90's. Every year it was released regardless the sport, I had to buy.

The 1997 especially was one of my favorites, besides 1995, mainly because of the base card design. It looked spectacular and had some amazing photography. I think I have posted about it before on here in the past multiple times.

Ultra also had some nice looking inserts and in 1997 the addition of newly Platinum Parallels just made the chase even more exciting other than searching for the usual one-per-pack golds. Still to this day I haven't ever pulled a platinum that have less than 200 sets made of each card, but I have added a couple to my PC's over the years. I think people sometimes forget how rare 90's inserts were and even what less than 200 meant back in those days with the market so flooded today from newer less valuable inserts.
How about you, got an fond memories of this product? What were you chasing?

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