Friday, April 21, 2017

2 Years Later: The Sort Is Done

Two years. That's how long it took to un-sort to re-sort 23 years of collecting base cards for four sports changing them from a by year, by brand, by number to simply by team and by key players from each team.

I was trying to find a way to simplify the way I collect. Especially since I don't set collect as much as I used to. The sets I put together and ones I am still trying to do were kept intact.

The one thing that was most helpful during this two year project was my 2 BCW Sorting Trays. Not sure I could have completed this big project without them. Or at least in the two years.

They helped take this ....

Turn it into this.....

Which in the end, turned into this...

Which later turned into this. Baseball teams each got their own 800 ct box.

Football, hockey and basketball were put into bigger 4 or 5 row boxes. The players for each sport I pulled got their own 4-5 row boxes as well.

In the end, I can't tell you the amount of cards I sorted as I don't even know that. But, the years were focused on 89-now. You know how it is when you load up on the junk wax years.

What I can tell you for numbers was the breakdown of key players I yanked for each sport:
Baseball 80 players
Football 110 players
Basketball 60 players
Hockey 20 players

I didn't yank all of the stars as I mainly focused on offensive players more than defensive. Not a lot of collectors care much pitchers and defensive lineman.

I am just glad to have this project done as I have many others I want to tackle next including sorting my baseball rookies by team. Once again, that may take awhile from all of the junk wax rookies I have.

So now I wanna hear what your most challenging sorting project ever was? Let me know in comments!


  1. Congratulations, that was a massive undertaking. I did something similar but I just broke it up by teams so it didn't take as long.

  2. I am constantly sorting. I typically sort in alphabetical player name order. I go through every year and try to remove players that are no longer collectible. My biggest sort job was my football collection as I kept EVERYTHING from my younger days, including punters. Sorting is fun but it's also work! Congrats on getting this done.


  3. Looks like something I need to do. Well done.

  4. Congratulations. Those sorting trays are extremely helpful. I've got two of them and they helped me get a batch of football cards sorted by teams to help with the Team Trader group I am a part of at the SCF forum.

    As for my sorting projects I never recovered from a massive re-sort years ago of my baseball that was sorted alpha by player name, with the checklists smack in the "C"s for "Checklist" obviously. Multi player cards if they were on the same team went by team name, otherwise it was usually by title on card or category. The plan was to sort back by year then brand then set yadda yadda yadda. Never completed the change over, then 9 years ago (exactly come 01 Aug) my move nixed that concept. Never really been completely organized since. There are bits and pieces of my collection that are still very organized and in binders, but most are in boxes often haphazardly. For my PC I want to have things by the year, brand, set and in binders as much as possible. Now the mishmash is mostly in boxes but not well organized. :(

  5. Nice work on completing the sort!

    I just finished a basic sort and a purge of sorts on my cards. Currently all my baseball cards are in binders divided up by decade. I've got cards paged up in extra pages currently that I don't have binders for either. All my Reds cards are separated into their own binders by decade. I really need to do a deep dive and get the player collections and what not sorted as well. My hockey cards aren't sorted at all but at least they're in a binder. Football, basketball, etc are all in two small binders. I have this feeling I'll never be done sorting.

  6. I am still trying to start again on my Big Sort. I started one a while back, but got interrupted and never got going again. Congrats on making it through your project.

  7. Congratulations! That's quite the achievement.

    Sorting trays? I have never heard of them before now, but that sounds like just the thing to speed up my own sorting project.

  8. Congratulations! That's something I need to do myself. Maybe if I grab one of those sorting trays, I'll be more motivated.