Monday, April 17, 2017

BASEically Awesome Part 4: 1995 Sp Baseball

Collectors may differ when it comes to teams and what they collect, but one thing collectors can all agree on is Upper Deck's amazing photography. I haven't found a collector yet who hasn't agreed that they were the best.

Today's BASEically Awesome segment shows just why.

I must also mention before continuing on, even the design is nice. I dig the holographic appeal of blue and red that run down the sides of the cards.

Even Mark agrees with me and is giving them a hand for a job well done.

Ray is flipping over the photography and Heathcliff is all smiles.

The unique perspective they had taking photos is something that is also catchy. It wasn't just baseball action, it also was the fun off the field or before the game they captured.

Alex is caught signing for fans while Roberto has his inner Richard Simmons coming out.

Phil Nevin is ready for lights,camera action while Rod Beck hopes to "punch out" the batters in relief.

Steve is snagging a catch to the wall while Doug is staring down the batter.
And these are only some of the 207 cards in the base set.
The set wasn't known for it's value/popularity like the previous years before it with 1993 and Jeter and 1994 with Rodriguez. But, what it should be known for is what you see above. Baseball fun at it's finest and a set that may be Upper Deck's most impressive for base cards.

What do you think? Where does this set rank to you when it comes to fun-baseball-loving photography?

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