Saturday, April 22, 2017

Mail Day Saturday: Every Time I Look At This I Don't Go Blind

Today is the final part of my latest trade mail day with 90's Niche Football Card Blog. One I have been extremely excited about showing off.

As you have seen on here, I have busted a couple boxes of 2014 Panini Country Music hoping to find myself a Darius Rucker autograph and never had any luck in doing so.

Rucker, for those of you who may not remember, was the lead singer of one of my favorite groups of the 90's in Hootie And The Blowfish before deciding he wanted to crossover to country music. Honestly, with my dislike of country music, I haven't even heard one of his country songs so I am not sure if he is even any good at it.

In my mind, he is and always will be Hootie.

When 90's Niche Football Card Blog and I discussed the possibility of helping me acquire an autograph of his, we were looking at doing his basic auto from the product, but when a autograph silhouette came up for cheaper, he helped snag it for me and we made a deal for it.

I was beyond excited to add this one to the PC. Maybe I will even still bust some of the 2014 Country Music because it is so cheap just to see if I can land the other autograph of his from the product.

A big thanks goes out to 90's Niche Football card blog for the overall trade. With his help, I got the Rucker auto, I got my Psych set complete and was able to add some cool Giants cards. Another big trade complete for us and from what I can tell, another one will more than likely build up down the road.

Thoughts on today's pickup are welcomed in comments!


  1. I really didn't like Hootie & the Blowfish but he's one of my favorite musicians in country. Wagon Wheel is my favorite. I didn't know he had an auto in this set. I think I may be the only card blogger who actually prefers country music!

    1. I feel you but in a different way. I think I may be the only blogger who doesn't like heavy metal/rap/hard rock music.