Saturday, April 8, 2017

Mail Day Saturday:Trade With 90's Niche Football Card Blog Part 1

I know I am supposed to show off new Giants finds over at Snagging Cardboard, if you haven't checked that blog out yet please do, but I already had these uploaded to here along with some other Giants pickups so I will finish posting those on here instead of re-uploading.

I recently made another big trade with 90's Niche Blog and brought home some tremendous goodies. There were so many to show off, I am breaking it down into an entire week plus.

There will be three parts like today's, except Part 3 will be one cool card. Next week, will be known as Psych Week showing off all of my new Psych autograph adds from this trade leading up to an epic reveal on Friday.

For now, let's just show off today's mail.

Some goodies in this first round. Numbered Playoff ticket parallel of Odell in this mix

Landon Collins rookie and Paul Perkins rookie Prizm. Prizm really do look sharp.

See-thru Eli and die cut Shepard from Absolute

This was the one baseball card of the mix and it's a beauty as I love these parallels. I wished Topps would go back to these.

Now rolling out some hits. New Ryan Nassib pickups. I wished he could have panned out with the Giants, but, just didn't have the potential most thought were with him.

Paul Perkins relic adds. Pretty slick Prizm parallel relic.

A new Andre Williams auto from Leaf. It doesn't look like it, but this is a mini

Some autos that I already had, but honestly, I will take any Giants relics and autographs whether I have them already or not. Bring em on!
A really good showcase to start here. But, there is much more to come including the epic Psych week!