Saturday, April 15, 2017

Mail Day Saturday:Trade With 90's Niche Football Card Blog Part 2

Throughout this week, you have been treated to my Psych autograph card pickups from 90's Niche Football Card blog and you were even shown my biggest hobby accomplishment yet, today, I continue to roll out this big mail day.

But, this isn't quite the finale yet, next Saturday one card is left that had be shown by itself because it's a Hoot!

Now onto Part 2 of the big part of the trade.

I saved the key relics and autographs in our trade to show off this week.

Four new Eli Manning relics start us off. I totally love the Fabric Of The Game with the relic being under the Giants wording.

Yes, another Eli. This time paired up with Tiki.

Did I say Tiki? Why yes I did. A sick Tiki Fabric Of The Game /25. I like the jersey along with the design. It shows how tightly woven jerseys are now compared to then.

Up next, a future superstar in Paul Perkins. Giants are very high on this guy and I think if the Oline gives him the space, he could make a major impact in the NFL.

This card was featured over at Snagging Cardboard in it's inaugarual week. If you haven't checked out that blog yet, do so. All of my future NY Giants pickups will only be featured on there.

And we finish it up with a pink Prizm Shepard auto. I dig Prizm, really sharp parallels. It's still not a Chrome replacement, but closing in on it.
Part 2 brought some major boom to the party. Next weeks finale of my most recent trade with 90's Niche Football Card Blog is just one card, but it's pretty cool and brings me back to the 90's somewhat. What is it? Well, come back and see then!

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