Friday, May 19, 2017

BASEically Awesome Part 10:1995 Pinnacle Football

By now you must be thinking....really....he did three of these posts in a row??!!

Yup. I am just trying to clean out my draft space as I have decided to no longer pursue segments on here. I would rather to free blog so you will be seeing lots of recurring segments over the next few weeks.

1995 had a ton of great base card set releases especially capturing the gridiron.

1995 Pinnacle not only had a solid base set design with the foil football at the bottom encasing the  name and position, but the photography throughout the 250 card set was amazing. You would have thought Upper Deck did it.

Great pic of Davis making a catch here

Kramer found on the ground. Something he did a lot of

Norton getting the recovery

Carter outrunning the defense

And this is only a sampling. I really want to chase down this set someday. It's on my bucket list but for now I am just focusing on my Ex and Spx projects.

So what do you guys think of this design and photography? Let me know in comments!!

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  1. 1995 was indeed a great year for football cards. Two of my favorites from that season was Action Packed and Flair.