Saturday, May 27, 2017

BASEically Awesome Part 12:2001 Topps Fusion Baseball

You wanna know what makes these BASEically combine 5 of my favorite Topps sets and fuse them into one.

You have Finest


Stadium Club with some action packed photography

Gold Label with all it's beauty

And Bowman's Best with lots of shinyness

What isn't there not to love? I actually still wished some of these designs and products existed today like Gallery.

There are 250 cards in the set and I would bet it is some challenge to put together and possibly one that set collectors who like a challenge may want to try.

So how many of you have tried to set collect this? Have any thoughts on a product like this combining many products? Let me hear them in comments!


  1. It's a pretty neat, but weird, set. Would like to rip some sometime.

  2. Too expensive to chase both then and now, but still an awesome set!