Wednesday, May 31, 2017

BASEically Awesome Part 13:1994 Collectors Choice Baseball

Are you surprised to see another Upper Deck set on BASEically Awesome? Probably not. As I have discussed in prior parts Upper Deck=photography and their special photography makes their base cards stand out.

Even on a low-end brand such as Collectors Choice.

Where else do you see Larry Walker making a catch like this?

Or Kevin signing autos before a game

Or Nigel just smiling away

Or how Olson had this on the field

Or Phillips getting caught in midair and the ball being shown that way as well

And finally a focused stare by Dante

I only selected a few of my favorites. Most of the 600+ cards in this set look like this. 

What are your guys thoughts on this product and which one of the cards above is your favorite shot? If you wanna caption one as well, you are more than welcomed!


  1. My three faves from that set are Bernie Williams and his video camera, Cal Ripken and his huge cell phone, and Juan Gonzalez crushing a baseball with his bare hand! CC was definitely one of my favorite brands!

  2. The first one that comes to mind is Pat Rapp having a conference at the mound with Walt Weiss.