Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Defense Is Swarming!

In the final part of my trade with @DJSeneseiNJ, I showcase some defensive card adds. I don't normally focus on defensive adds unless it's something cheap or something I didn't have.

That's today's mail day.

First up, dominating shut down corner Jack Rabbit Janoris auto add. He was so much more than I expected last year. Such a great signing for the Giants. Hope he is even better this year.

Then Vernon. I mentioned awhile back that I wanted a Vernon auto after the Giants signed him. This is also a gold parallel as you can tell by the gold sticker. These are /99.

Well, I showed off one end, here is the other. JPP auto that brings me back to the 90's with the design that Panini used from the Cramers Choice awards that were released in the late 90's. This card is also low numbered 4/10 so not an easy find.

Next is what I think was one of my coolest adds from the trade, a /25 Eli Apple Draft Day hat swatch. I think it's awesome it has a pretty sweet swatch. Nothing I have which is why I loved adding it.

Finally, my first Giants plate. I have one that's autographed, but this is my first that's not. This is of possible starting LB BJ Goodson.

Overall, a really great first trade with @DJSeneseiNJ. If you haven't followed him yet, please do. He does giveaways and may be someone you want to start a trade with especially after seeing my non-stop gallery of goodness. I know I had a great trade experience and was shocked by the freebie he threw in.

Thoughts on my new adds are welcomed in comments. 

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