Friday, May 12, 2017

Mantle's Legendary Lumber

As I posted earlier this week, I am a tad behind on mail day posts hence the double dose of posts this week that may run into next week til I am caught up.

Today's posting comes from an Easter contest win from the people of TCSP. As soon as I saw this card, I knew I had to try to win it. It's Mantle, a jumbo relic and just cool.

All they needed for an entry was why you would want to win this card and to earn bonus entries, a picture of something Easter-y. I took pictures of hidden Easter baskets I had for my nieces and nephews and tweeted them out for the bonus entries. Sadly, there were no cards added to the baskets as I am the lone collector in the family other than my dad.

So let's take a gander at this Mantle card. I know some collectors may question it's authenticity coming from an unlicensed company that flies under the radar, but, I guess til we can prove it's not real, we just have to believe it is. I know I really hope it is.

According from the back of the card this swatch is from a bat used in the 1967 season.
One thing I will say about TSCP, they put out some nice looking products for an unlicensed company. They also have a nice printing system with plastic coated base cards that have that brand new scent no matter how long you have owned them.
A big thanks goes out to TCSP for this sweet Mantle card add and I welcome your thoughts on this card in comments!

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