Monday, May 15, 2017

Not Bad News!

Usually I am not the best at predicting scores or stats for games when it comes to winning prizes, but this one time turned out different.

The good people at @SafeAtHomeShop recently held a Twitter contest to guess the combined total of strikeouts in a baseball game and the winner would score a sweet The Bad News Bears autograph.
This was a card I really wanted to win as I didn't own a single one from that set and it would make a nice addition to the non-sports PC.

Come to find out early the next morning, I was spot on with my prediction and announced as the winner. SWEET!

This auto is of Gary Lee Cavagnaro who played an overweight catcher named Mike Engleberg in the film. This is from Panini's Golden Age product that was released for a couple of years then pulled from their lineup. I really wished they would bring it back. It was like Panini's version of Ginter.

Thoughts on my new autographed card add or the movie or Gary's character are welcomed in comments. 

A big thanks goes out to@SafeAtHomeShop for the card. Give them a follow if you haven't yet.


  1. Congrats on a great win! One of these days, I plan to track down the base BNB subset and maybe an auto too.

  2. I love this set. Love it so much, I built the complete set two years ago: