Monday, May 29, 2017

Offensive Attack

In the second part of my trade with @DJSeneseiNJ, I go on the offensive side of the trade. So you know what tomorrow means.

We kick it off with a new Shepard relic. I like the combined look of Contenders and relics.

This David Wilson card combines one of my favorite designs and my favorite team I am still wondering how good this guy could have been.

 Here is another Wilson add. I wonder how much it would cost to do a full nameplate. Possible next hobby adventure??....

Unlike Wilson, we may find out soon how good this guy could be. A well designed /49 autograph memorabilia card of the Perkerlator, Paul Perkins.

And to finish this part up, what appears to be just a base Elite Eli Manning. That's until you look a little lower and see it's a 2016 National Parallel. Then you flip it over to see it's a rare 2/5 parallel. Pretty awesome!

This card actually was a surprise in our trade. I had no idea it was arriving.

Two parts down and tomorrow we go on the defensive side that has a couple of pretty solid low numbered card!

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