Thursday, May 18, 2017

PWE's Can Pack A Punch

One thing about blind trading as they call it, you just never know what you will be getting in return. I find that form of trading a lot of fun as you will be getting a package or PWE in return full of mystery items.

This has been the form of trading for the most part between Baseball Card Breakdown and myself and it has worked. I am always amazed by what he sends in return.

Here is a great start. A shiny D.B. Sweeney who I just saw in an episode of House that my wife and I have been binge-watching. A Yankees prospect card and a shiny Cruz.

Up next is a Gridiron Kings Studio Series parallel of the great LT. This card has a canvas feel. Pretty cool.

I have seen this card on eBay for awhile but never had the chance to pull the trigger....well...don't have to now. It's a 2003-2004 Laser Line 23K Gold Card. So basically, it's a unique rookie card.

A numbered insert from Leaf Rookies and Stars. Remember when inserts were numbered, held value and meant something. Yeah, me to.

DJ Hall auto card. I think this is only my second autograph of his.

And to finish off this mail day, a pretty sweet Letterman auto of Giants backup QB Josh Johnson. I totally fell in love with the card as soon as I saw it. I didn't own a single card from Topps Letterman or an auto of Josh so this fits perfectly. I also may need the letter for my ongoing header search.
A big thanks goes out to Gavin for this amazing mail day. I have already begun to put another together to get out to you hopefully soon!
Thoughts are welcomed in comments!


  1. Getting a package from Gavin is always an adventure...neat stuff. Is the lettermen letter game worn?

    1. No I wished. I am still in need of a game used one. It's a manu relic above

  2. Glad you like! I've pretty much depleted my Giants cards (so no rush getting anything out the door to me), but I'll try to keep an eye out for more.

    And to answer Billy's question, no, I'm pretty sure it's a manufactured patch.