Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Some Firsts

I have mentioned this guys name many times on here, but, my buddy @JGfan24ever and I pulled off another trade after he posted some NY Giants cards I was very interested in.

Up first, some new Eli's. You can't tell from this picture, but one is a parallel.

A couple Odell's. The Upper Deck I didn't have.

My first Evan Engrams. I really like the Peak Performance insert with its shiny reflection. SAGE is really upping their game this year. I saw the other day they are going to have material cards again.

This combines both Flair, a classic parallel from it and a Giant. Can't go wrong.

Speaking of SAGE above, Jadar Johnson marks my first autograph from the product. He was an unsigned rookie Free Agent the Giants quickly scooped up. They could really use a safety to pair with Landon Collins. Hopefully this guy can step up to provide the help they need.

Tavarres King showed late last season that they didn't need to pick up any WR's in the draft this year. He made some big plays including that lackluster performance from the Giants in the playoffs vs the Packers. I hope to see him make the roster again. I do bet if he doesn't, someone will quickly grab him.

Amani! A nice /25 memorabilia card of him. One of a few that I have.

And when he posted this, I knew I had to find a way to pull off this trade. It's my first triple memorabilia Giants card. The players featured, Eli, Shockey and Plax.

And to finish this out, my first Brandin Cooks autograph card. I really wanted this card but it took me a bit of thinking whether I could give up the right card in return. But, I did. Even though I hate the Patriots, this guy is going to be big for them and I wanted to scoop up a card now before he is. I also am a huge fan of Black Gold as I have stated multiple times in the past.
A really solid mail day top to bottom from @JGfan24ever. Thanks again for the trade buddy and I look forward to our next one.

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