Sunday, May 21, 2017


For a couple of weeks, Wes over at Willinghammer Rising, ran a Big Fun Game contest for a couple of weeks. It was something that was hosted by a previous blogger that Wes started up again.

I was curious what kinda game this was but in order to do that you had to be drafted into it first, luckily I was. The game itself come to find out, was simply picking a random number that was attached to a certain card you didn't know about or stealing someone else card who had picked before you or the worst part, someone could steal yours after you.

I sadly experienced that twice but will admit I did one prize steal myself.

I was 5th overall in the card draft. Not a bad spot as a few picked ahead of me for me to steal from but not the best either as 11 picked behind me meaning a steal could easily happen. My first pick at 5 was stealing a box of mystery goods. I was hoping nobody else would take it as a mystery is so exciting but within a pick it was gone. My next selection I went with lucky number 13 which was very lucky landing me a Topps Ripken rookie. But, once again, it was stolen. So I finally said, well, Eli Manning #10 give me some luck.

Here is what it landed me....
A one of a kind JBF auto from Wes himself!

These cards were extras he tossed in

More extras...

A few more extras including 2 Ricky Williams rookies and an Odell Topps one.

More extras with these 4 cool oddball baseball cards. Gotta love the oddballs.

These extras are from the Topps Walking Dead base set that will be my first Topps Walking Dead cards for my non-sport PC.

And to finish up the extras he tossed in, some cool non-sport items. My favorite of the group has got to be Robin Williams with FLUBBER!

This was my actual prize winning, three autograph cards. One of which I can easily see in someone else PC. Hint Hint you know who you are :)

Oh yeah. There was one more extra which is also now my oldest Giants card I own....

a 1956 Topps Bob Schnelker rookie card
A big thanks goes out to Wes for the mail day and all of the extras. I appreciate it and for allowing me to participate in the BFG.

Thoughts on my mail day are welcomed below!

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