Monday, May 8, 2017

The Only Entrant Part 1

(Bloggers Note: I am so far behind in mail day postings as I was recently hammered with trades and other incoming items. In my move to ditch all segments, I have taken all of my drafts and have scheduled all 100+ of them over the next few months. By August, all segments will be gone and I can free bird blog like this post again as I prefer to do that. The point of this bloggers note is to let everyone who recently sent me a mail day that I do plan on posting them when I can sneak them in with the already scheduled posts. Sorry for the delay but without further ado, here is today's bonus posting)

As most fellow bloggers know, I am always on the lookout for new sites or blogs to read and check out. Thanks to the word spreading of Beans Ballcard Blog on Twitter I have been able to add quite a few to my daily reading. He takes a few days out of the week and tweets out posts from a ton of blogs. Some I know of, others I don't and add to my list.

One of the most recent ones was Lingua Sports Cards. This is a blog that covers baseball, football and basketball so if you are a fan of any of those go give it a check out, HERE.

Anyways, the post that Bean's had tweeted out was a contest one to win inserts and hits from many Topps retail boxes that they broke recently. Not only was I surprised by winning, but I was surprised I was the only one who entered and was even more surprised by what arrived. If you missed out on this contest, you will have many regrets. I actually had to split this up into two-parts just to cover it all.
Let's take a look at all of the beauty.

Up first, some Topps inserts

Parallels. Both foil and gold.

Wrigley Inserts

I haven't seen these before. Pretty cool additions

Ichiro hits!

Reprint inserts.

Lots of MLB Debut inserts. Don't have any of these players for them.

A new Griffey! Someday I hope to finish this set.

You all know I am a huge fan of First Pitch and these are all new. Double bonus!

Blurry pic, but Heritage and Ginter inserts

Some Gyspy Queen this time with a numbered frame parallel

Haven't ever seen one of these, cool. Even though Zack looks like he should posing for a shampoo commercial with it blowing in the breeze.

Some mini madness.

You must be by now saying, why didn't I enter. Am I correct???

Now onto some Bowman prospects

Then some chrome prospects

and finally to end this part 1, some shiny things. Devers has a bright future.
This is only a part of the mail day and it's already insane. I have more to show so come back Wednesday to see the finale!


  1. Never heard of that one but I've added them to my blogroll now. Wordpress usually makes my computer lock up so hopefully I'll be able to actually read them!

  2. Great contest win, congrats!