Wednesday, May 10, 2017

The Only Entrant Part 2

On Monday, I posted Part 1 of my mail day contest win from Lingua Sports Cards blog that I still suggest you check out, HERE if you haven't yet.

Today, is the final part of the mail day. This one is a bit shorter, but packs a punch!

Up first, a new Bull Durham card for my Non-Sports PC

Refractors! New Tanaka and Ricard adds to my refractor PC. Can't go wrong with the guy in the middle either.

Die Cut. I dig these inserts from Stadium Club and can't go wrong with The Wiz!

One of the more dominant pitchers in baseball relic from Ginter. Not a bad add.

And to finish this up, some really cool medallions of top notch players. I didn't own a single one of these til now. It's amazing how heavy these cards actually are. More and more the manu relics are growing on me. I have actually preferring these more than the jersey cards now.
As you can see, it was a great win for me. Tons of new PC items added. So if you haven't checked out Lingua Sports Cards yet, do so. You never know when they may do another epic contest like this and you wouldn't want it left again to an Only Entrant. See what I did there?
If you have Twitter, you can follow them at @linguaspcards as well. A big thanks goes out to them for this awesome mail day.

Thoughts on my mail day are welcomed in comments!

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