Saturday, May 13, 2017

WHAT'S IN THE BOX?!: Lego My Basketball

Here's the next edition of What's In The Box, graded school handmade box edition,

We look at some Legos. No, I am not a builder by any stretch. I probably couldn't even handle doing a 12 piece Lego set the right way. Not my thing.

But, 10 years ago or maybe more, my nephew had some basketball player ones with Upper Deck cards for sale at his yard sale already put together of course :0. I saw cards, which players they were and couldn't say no so I scooped them up and must have tucked them away in here as I forgot about them til I opened this box.

The three players I scooped up were Tim Duncan, Pau Gasol and Ray Allen. I have always been a fan of Duncan's and Allen isn't too shabby either.

I didn't know much about the items or why they did them, so I did some research on them to see.

These three-players actually came together in a set back in 2003 and the Upper Deck cards that were included were special trading cards in a Lego game that these sets were for. Each set also came with one gold foil card which explains the Allen being gold. 
I guess these sets also had some randomly packed autograph cards of Kobe Bryant, Jason Kidd, Paul Pierce, or Kevin Garnett. How cool is that?? 
I think this also helps grab kids attention as it's 2 hobbies in one. Great idea by UD and Legos to combine. Maybe this aspect should be used again.

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  1. Always fun finding finds like this. It can really be a nice change from the same ole same ole collecting (which is still fun of course). Thanks for the post.

  2. A student gave me a set with the Kobe, Jason Kidd, and some other guy. Not exactly sure what I did with it. Probably should dig through my classroom to see if I still have it.