Wednesday, May 31, 2017

You Get In, You Score!

I posted not long ago about my break results from Top Shelf Breaks and mentioned at the end of that post I had gotten a pretty nice pull from 2017 Score football in a break with them, well it's time to show it off!

Since then, I have been in two more Score breaks and all were included in this mail day.

My first Score break I had the Raiders and my second I had the Broncos and Steelers. Both went really well in my opinion landing me low #d cards and an autograph for only $12 a spot. But, I will let you decide that.

Up first, the possible beginning of a Ware rainbow. Got the /20 and /50 here along with Amerson and Osemele gold.

Mr. John Conner.  /20 parallel and a gold /50 autograph. This guy could really step in when Bell is down or is off the field.

And finally, the biggest pull, a 5/6 Derek Carr End Zone parallel. I consider this the biggest pull of the group.
If you wanna pull some hits like I did or even bigger "monsters" as they have pulled plenty, check out Top Shelf Breaks, HERE. You can also follow them on Twitter for break updates and for giveaways. Good people who look out for collectors and trying to make breaking affordable and fun.
Thoughts on my mail day is welcomed below!


  1. I agree the Carr was your best pulled. Congrats!!!


  2. With them do you get the commons as well or just the hits?