Saturday, June 17, 2017

90's Bowman Shines

In the second part of my mail day from @imqualifying, I focus on some shiny items from Bowman's Best. The 1997 base card designs with the added football outer appeal adds an extra special appeal to the refractor.

Refractors for 1997 fell 1:12 packs.

I start out really well with two players I loved watching in the 90's. If you didn't know, when my Giants weren't on or were out of the playoffs, the Jags were my team. I loved Brunell and McCardell.
Pretty cool shot of Tony Martin with the rainbow shine.

The final refractor is from 1999 Bowman's Best, is a NY Giant and is numbered. I don't have any odds on these except that they were #d to 499.

If you liked these, well, you will wanna come back tomorrow where I roll out the rest of the 90's goodness from the box.

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