Wednesday, June 28, 2017

A Giant Quad

I am so far behind in my Hampton show off, I just need to start getting some of these posted.

Today's card was from a trade awhile back from 90's Niche Football Card blog.

Today's card was one I have wanted for some time. These quads from Playoff Absolute are not the easiest to chase sometimes. Some are overflow, some are tougher. With odds of 1:24 or one per box it may not be easy to chase down some today.

The 1996 version featured 4 of the Giants offensive stars at the time. Not sure why Dave Brown is on it. Haha, just kidding Dave if you happen to read this. Chris Calloway was very under appreciated in the league.

On the back, you find two running backs including my man Rodney. Tyrone was supposed to replace Rodney down the road but turned out to be a flop....til he went to Oakland.
I like the design and eye appeal of the card. Not to mention it bleeds Giants blue all around.
Thoughts on today's card is welcomed in comments.

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