Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Another Trade With Dub Mentality

In the last few weeks @DubMentality, who runs the Dub Mentality blog (please add it to your blogroll if you haven't yet or at least give it a read), worked out a trade to both help our PC's. I sent along some pretty cool items he knew about and in exchange, I took a blind trade knowing Dub wouldn't let me down.

And he didn't.

Before I kick off the gallery, I will say three cards are left off of it. They are Rodney Hampton's that will be done in separate segments like I do for all of my Hampton adds.

So let's kick off the gallery I am showing off!

Let's kick it off with a group of Giants. My first Score Giants of 2017 including my first Janoris Jenkins in a Gmen uni. I am always glad to pad a couple new Shepard and Perkins rookies too.

Some new Eli's for the PC including one from his rookie year.

I think it may be a TOOMAH. Now read that like Arnold Schwarzenegger. This is a new Toomer add, a card I haven't seen before and a nice 90's one. I also don't have a ton of Toomer in his #18 jersey.

Lee Rouson. If you read my article awhile back on how I met the guy at my church you would know the significance of this card. It's actually my first of him. Great guy, Super Bowl Champ and one to look up to.

Three new Prizm adds including a nice Shepard parallel.

9 Griffey's that I sadly have all of. It's really hard to trade Griffey's to me unless they are parallels because I can't get my lazy butt to do an online checklist. I have one all set up, just haven't taken the time to highlight the ones I have. But, The Kid is The Kid and I will keep em.

A few new Yanks here including Jeets.

I don't own a lot of older Yanks so this is a nice add.

And of course this is an epic add. Loving me some Judge for my PC. I didn't get this one from my box of Archives so Dub helped fill that void. Now need the Opening Day, Heritage, Gypsy Queen, and Bunt to help fill in the low end needs among all of the inserts (I have 0) and parallels. If you got em and don't need em, just let me know!

Dre! A new Andre Williams to the PC.

And another....(I have the parallel auto just not the base)
And another.
Nice pink Optic jersey card of Paul Perkins.

I think this only makes my third jersey card for Odell of his rookie year. Which is quite shocking knowing the amounts of them out there. Really solid add here.

And we finish it up with a really nice add, this guy is going to be a Pro Bowl Safety for many years to come. He is a ball-hawking play maker. This marks only my second rookie auto of his but this one is my favorite. Tek looks great.
A big thanks goes out to Dub for the mail day and for the trade. I have begun setting stuff aside for our next one which I am sure will be another great one.

I hope to make new updates to my Giants overall numbers tab in the next few days and will tweet it out when I do.


  1. Glad it met your approval. Blind trades are tough but I hoped it would pass the test. Thanks for the kind words my friend!