Monday, June 19, 2017

Another Trip Into The 90's

In the final part of the 90's portion of my @imqualifying mail day, I am pouring out tons of 90's goodness all in this one post so make sure you step away from your keyboard cause you may drool.

Up first, a tragic end to a tough life of Lawrence Phillips. But, the parallel and card look nice. I believe these were 1:4 packs.

I see gold! Black Diamond had many levels from single to double to triple to quadruple diamond. Some of the levels had a different background color. This is a 1:5 triple find.

I don't know much about these promo cards, but still looks cool. When it comes to the 90's, I ignore players.

1st Day Issues were not easy finds. I believe they fell one per factory set and there were only 60 cards in the overall parallel set.

Absolutely loved the V2 inserts. The late 90's were all about moving football players. I think this is now the 3rd one I own. Would love to chase down the set but 1:23 odds of finding these doesn't make it easy. But, digging the fact this one is Brunell.

Another sweet sample card, this time a Classic shiny one of Keyshawn Johnson.

Dan The Football Heroes Man.

3rd and Long. These cards were received through a "Mirage Redemption" card that was serial numbered of 600 sets. The cards you got in return were a shiny version of the redemption you sent in. Drew Bledsoe put up some pretty solid seasons, but sadly will probably be best known for getting hurt and letting Tom Brady shine.

The shiny version of the Turf Teams were found in packs of 1996 Summit Premium Stock and are /500. Isaac Bruce was a nice add here. I always felt he was underappreciated for what he did on the field because he played for the Rams.

Barry Sanders who I still consider the best to ever carry the rock. If you want to argue that, well, you lose. Just kidding. Barry was so swift and could turn -10 yards into 80 in just a few turns. I have never seen a running back like him and I doubt we ever will. It's just too bad he played for the Lions and couldn't ever hoist that Lombardi.

This is a pretty cool die-cut from Sanders team mate and former Giant, I know Herman once wore a different kind of blue, from Playoff. Looks like a plaque.

Robert Edwards who never really panned out rookie and a Finest Griese rookie who had his ups and downs. Finest was so much cooler with plastic over it.

A couple of unique Troy Aikman promo cards from the early 90's. Not anything I own or have seen. I like the golden cracked ice shine.

Up next, a Playoff Prime mini. I believe these fell one-per-box. Looks super cool.

Speaking of Mirer, here is a rookie card

And onto the next card, a Jeff Blake Pacific insert. They always added a lot of foil color to their cards.

Then at the end, I find two autograph cards. I miss the hand numbered ones. Both of these are from Signature Rookies.

Overall, there was definitely some 90's madness involved here and I loved every minute of it.

Tomorrow I finish up the series with some NY Giants that @imqualifying tossed in as well.

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  1. Love the V2 inserts. Good news... the football versions are very affordable. Search COMC for them.