Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Buzz McNab Auto!

As most readers of this blog should know by now,

1. I really like Psych
2. I collected the entire Seasons 5-8 Autograph card set
3. I am attempting slowly for Seasons 1-4 set

So when I can find an add to that set for $3, no doubt in my mind I am going to swoop it up.

Sage Brocklebank was mainly known for his role on Psych. A role he played for all 8 seasons.
Here are the ones I am missing for that Seasons 1-4 set. The lined out ones mean I have.
James Roday
Dulé Hill
Corbin Bernsen
Kirsten Nelsen
Timothy Omundson
Rachael Leigh Cook
Sage Brocklebank
Ally Sheedy
Robert Patrick
George Takei
Jaleel White

I still have a ways to go and some of these are not easy finds. 
This one will be a bit more of a monetary challenge then anything as Seasons 1-4 autos were much tougher finds falling at 1 per box vs seasons 5-8 that fell 3 per.


  1. Good luck with the quest...I just read that they're doing a movie for USA this Christmas

    1. I am hoping that will lead to a revival of the TV series. That would be saweeeet!

  2. Yes! Psych was awesome! I can still hear the theme song in my head right now! Congrats on the pickup! I thought about going after autos from The Hobbit, but the cheapest ones are way more expensive than the cheap Inception ones I chase for now :) Very cool man!

    1. Hope you know there is a movie coming this Christmas!!