Sunday, June 4, 2017

My "Judges Chambers"

Not since Derek Jeter have I been this excited about a Yankees player as I am in Aaron Judge. This dude can hit the ball and hit the ball far and hard as we all can tell with his league leading 18 dingers.

Also for the first time in years, I have started to keep tabs on my team once again and watched a few games as well because of the excitement that Judge brings. Judge has simply brought me back to watching baseball. Something I haven't really done a whole lot of since Griffey Jr's retirement as Ken was a big reason I watched baseball.

Of course I watched the Yankees A LOT back then as well but not so much in recent years.

It amazes me how one player can change my look at baseball and give me a reason to pay attention to it once again. I have always collected the cards but haven't paid much attention to the game recently.

So yesterday, I spent at least a few hours going through binders to round up what Aaron Judge cards I had besides the few I knew of from 2017.

Here was the sad results,

2014 Bowman and Bowman Chrome:

2015 Bowman Chrome Prospect Profiles
and a 2016 Bowman's Best Prospect

And here are my 2017's I knew of already:
2017 Bowman x 2

2017 Topps

2017 Topps Rainbow Foil which is by far my best card of the group.
Obviously an autograph is tops on my wantlist, but I would also be happy in owning 2017 Archives, Heritage, Donruss, Gypsy Queen and Opening Day rookies as well along with other Bowman ones I am missing since baseball is a weird rookie sport and he has had cards released since 2013.

What are your thoughts on my small PC? What's the best Aaron Judge you own? Do you think this is a super star in the making or a one year wonder?


  1. I think Judge is a superstar for years to come. I only own the Bunt and Topps releases from 2017. I wish I had bought a few autos prior to last year because prices now are insane

    1. Oh man. Forgot about Bunt. Now that one needs to be added to my list lol