Friday, June 16, 2017

The 90's Are Here

Last week, I was sent a big box full of 90's goodness from the great @imqualifying who knows how much of a 90's card geek I am. I don't care what sport, what team or what players it is. I love it all. Even the non sport stuff. I mainly enjoy the 95-99 stuff the most but a few of the older inserts are nice as well.

The 90's as I have stated many times is still my favorite era to collect from. So many cool cards and designs and one company line that continuously put out great stuff was Playoff. Just look at these 1998 Absolute rookie cards. I like the McQuarters who was a big player in the Giants Super Bowl 42 run.

Draft Pick inserts from 1998 Playoff Prestige. The regular version of these is silver and fell 1:9 packs while the parallels that are shown here, were found in retail and special retail pack and boxes. I think the colored are much more impressive looking. Speaking of looking, it seems I have a start of a Shehee rainbow....

Mr. Ryan Leaf. Everyone's favorite bad draft pick example.

And Germane Crowell. I dig the minor embossing on these as well.

My final card to show off today, is a 1998 Playoff Momentum End zone Xpress Ryan Leaf which is cool in many ways. It's printed on plastic card stock with lots of rainbow foil and team color blended in. These were found in retail packs at a rate of 1:13 packs. It's not something I ever found in packs so a nice addition to my 90's PC in my opinion.
Well, I said this was a box of goodies so I can only say this is the start of something good. There is more to come in the next few days so stay tuned!

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  1. 1998 was probably the peak of my football collecting years. That Endzone X-Press insert is sweet! Built that set a few years ago. I'm still working on the diecut "retail" version of that set.