Saturday, June 10, 2017

Too Many Yankees

I was full blown surprised earlier this week when I got an email from Too Many Verlanders saying a package full of Yanks was heading my way. It was completely unexpected and he beat me to getting my mail day out to him as well.

Having too many Yankees was a problem for him and I became the lucky recipient. Not only did he include a healthy stack of Yankees, he also tossed in some Jr's and some G-men for the PC while he was at it.

There was so much in this mail day that it's a two-parter and I couldn't even show it all.

Here is the rest of the healthy stack of Yanks and Giants he included....

Now let's show off the rest!

Some really cool stickers including holograms

Some of my favorite Yanks including Bernie and Roger. I just wished Roger wasn't apart of the PED situation, he was one of my favorite all-time pitchers until then.

Some more Clemens. Very shiny edition!

Some great looking cards here of Gehrig, Godzilla, and Berra

Some blue Topps parallels and a Phil Hughes rookie. The guy was supposed to be the next Roger Clemens when they first talked about him. He wasn't even close.

Derek!! I am always looking to add to that PC. But sometimes Jeets cards cost more than Griffeys.

Totally in love with this one. Coin and card. I miss the 90's badly.

Another great 90's card with a touch of Griffey.

And we finish it up with some new Juniors. Really digging the Flair addition. That was one of my favorite products for football, baseball and basketball in the 90's.
Overall a solid start. Tomorrow I will finish up the showcase including some hits he included as well.