Wednesday, July 26, 2017

A Whole Lotta Griffeys!

When I make one of the major trades, I try to pad a little bit of each of my PC's because there is so many. I feel this trade accomplished a lot so far and today's breakdown was a huge accomplishment.

By mistake, when I got to the Griffey part of the box, I stuck @Jake1725's pile in with another Griffey pile I am trying to update on my checklist so I don't know the exact number of Griffey's I added from Jake. I do know it was around 60, but it appears he may have added a few more in as well. So let's say roughly 65 for now.

As you can see the stack is pretty big and I couldn't post them all. So I chose a few of my favorites even though they all are.

Cool hologram I hadn't seen before and it wasn't Upper Deck!

I was shocked I didn't have the Fleer '92 All Stars

There was a ton of these I needed but these three photos stood out the most of the group.

Love, love, love these 90's inserts. Zone is really cool up close.

Some more Junior inserts.

And finally, a Diamond Kings I thought I had but didn't and a Score Complete Player I needed.
Lots of great adds above and I know you agree. This really drives my Griffey numbers up. I will have to do the math at a later point and get all of my numbers fixed.
If you thought these were exciting, tomorrow is the grand finale of this trade. Stay tuned for that one!


  1. That Griffey holo wasn't in the original trade. I found it as I was packing up your box and threw it in! I assumed you had it but figured you would like it anyways!