Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Wes' World Cup Of Trading Mail Day

The competition is fierce in Wes' WCOT as we all are battling it out for the Top 4 spots and especially for the Top Prize and trophy.

But, something just as fierce was the mail day I received from Wes, the man himself. I will first show off the bonuses he added in and then show off the boom.

Up first, I got Schilled. At least 13 of the 1989 Donruss Curt Schilling rookies. You just gotta love the picture on these.

Unopened pack of '91 Stadium Club baseball to add to my rainy day busting and a sweet 1997 Pinnacle Mint Barry Sanders coin. I am always glad to add to my Pinnacle Mint collection.

3 more rainy day packs to bust and a 1986 Topps Baseball Champion Superstars set. Cool stuff I didn't have.

Another player PC add of Frank Thomas I didn't have.

Rodney! Can't ever go wrong finding Mr. Hampon in the mail box. Including one of my favorites of his cards from 1995 Skybox Premium.

Strahan rookie I didn't have and two new LT additions. The Classics is a Legends #d to 999.

Odell snagging apart of this mail day. I was extremely excited to see the Crusade. One of my favorite inserts of the 2000's from Panini.

And to finish up the freebie portion of the mail day, three more new G-men.

Now onto what I claimed.

Corey Coleman Optic rookie auto. I have come to realize you just never know when one of these guys from any team can be a superstar. Coleman could be the leading Browns WR this year.

Anytime I can find a football swatch, game used at that, a cool looking one and of a player I liked from the 90's, easy claim.

LeBron. Enough said. This is a cool one from The LeBrons promo he ran.

Once again, I am always looking for unique pieces to add to my PC. I don't have a piece of Game Used Board, so was excited to add this.

I missed on this card the first time through, then I noticed it was Osi. So when we went back for a second claim I made sure I grabbed this. 1/1 and only my second Giants plate.

Wes had some great vintage up for grabs. My vintage collection is very weak so the next three additions should help pad it some.

Rick Adelman rookie from 69-70 Topps
Tom McWilliams is now my oldest football card in my collection at 1948 Leaf. I would say oldest card but the next one takes the cake.

1909-11 T-206 Bill Hinchman. By far the oldest card in my collection. I have wanted a T-206 for so long and now that need is filled no matter the condition. Owning this now makes me want more.

This was a whopper of a mail day. 
Much thanks goes out to Wes at Willingham Rising blog for the awesome mail day and the opportunity that the WCOT brings. I am glad to have met you through blogging and traded with you over the past few years.
I look forward to the finale of the WCOT and more mail day postings as well. It has been fun to see. 
I suggest you check his blog out by FOLLOWING THIS LINK to see what he has gotten in return for mail days including my return to him.

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  1. Love the T206! I haven't bought one in a few months now. Might have to get back on it.