Wednesday, September 13, 2017

#2:The Centerpiece Of My Aaron Judge Collection

Today is card #2 in my Top 10 countdown trade adds from my big trade with Project Pedro blog.

Today's card is the biggie in my Aaron Judge PC, my first autograph of him. I know it's Leaf and I am not normally a fan of unlicensed products, but it's a Judge auto and on-card so I will take it. It's also numbered 24/25.

I know Aaron has been the joke of the second half of the season with all of his strikeouts but I think the Homerun Derby really messed with him. His stance is off and so isn't his timing. If he can figure things out in the offseason again he should have a solid career. If not, well, I will have this card to remember what could have been.

Either way, the guy is very popular, plays for my team, has a great back story and is friendly so that alone is enough for me to collect him.

We are down to the #1 card which is coming up tomorrow! 


  1. The blue Sharpie on the white background really makes the autograph stand out. Great looking card. Even though he's a Yankee, I truly hope he bounces back. He's great for baseball and we even better for our hobby.