Tuesday, September 5, 2017

#9:Griffey Is A Diamond King

Today is card #9 in my Top 10 countdown trade adds from my big trade with Project Pedro blog.

Today's card is simply a numbered to 10,000 Diamond King insert. I really like the design and even the numbering on these. I know people think 10,000 is a bit crazy to have something numbered to, but back 10 years ago it actually meant something. 20 years ago it REALLY meant something. If a card was numbered to that today, well, it would probably be worth pennies.

These Diamond Kings on the other hand have held their value over the years. Glad to have another Griffey off my want list.


  1. Great looking card. I've always loved Diamond Kings... especially when they were subset cards back in the 80's.

  2. I actually bought a card numbered to 10,000 earlier this year. A JJ Putz minor league autograph. I find it hard to imagine a minor league auto having MORE than 10,000 made, but, hey, if I find a minor league auto of a guy who had any kind of major league success in a dime box, I'm happy!