Saturday, September 9, 2017

Almost Time For Some FOOTBALL!

The last month or so I have thrown myself out there more for trading. Usually I shy away but with my hobby budget usually eaten up by shipping costs per month for contests and trades, I have turned to trading more to help with my cardboard addiction. See what I did there. Yeah, I tossed in the new blog.

Anyways, @GundersonNathan was posting pictures of cards so I inquired about what NY Giants cards he had. I am getting loaded up and prepped for the upcoming season that kicks off tomorrow in Dallas. I CAN'T WAIT.  I know many of you are still into baseball season, especially in the blogging world where it's dominated by baseball fanatics, but I am much, much more into football than I am baseball. I am one of the very few football card bloggers out there.

@GundersonNathan quickly sent me some pictures of his Giant offerings, much faster than I returned my offerings for him, and we worked out a deal pretty fast. I am always glad when a trade works out so quickly. It can be a grueling pain sometimes to keep searching and searching for stuff for someone to be happy.

He mailed his cards right out and I am much delayed on shipping my return. It's been tough getting around after I had my surgery so I am behind on shipping prizes and trade materials.

I received this package last Saturday but because I am so far behind on blogging, you will see some posts a year old on here in the next few months, I am just getting to posting this. So let's take a look at what he sent.

Some nice looking inserts and base to kick us off. Most I don't have shockingly.
A few more base including who may be the best safety in football in Landon Collins.
A new numbered Dre for that PC.

Can't tell you how much I love this addition. Red,White, and Blue Prizm parallel of Victor Cruz. The parallel colors happen to be of America and of the Gmen. You know, America's Team. I just feel bad for Cruz. I thought he played well for the Bears and now he is a free agent as of my typing this. Could be the end for him.

There were even some hits included in this package.

David Wilson who I would have loved to seen more of on the field. He may have been one great weapon if it hadn't been for the career ending injury.

Another new Dre for my PC. I am not heavily collecting him anymore but I will add some pieces when I can. His career is pretty much in the drain as well.

And to close it out, one awesome patch card of Eli Manning /25. This is a guy whose career isn't down the drain.
A big thanks goes out to @GundersonNathan for the trade and for getting my mind wrapped around football for tomorrow. I hope you enjoyed your return package and hoping we can work out more deals down the road.


  1. Every time you post Giants cards I really wish I had a bigger Steelers PC and specifically Jerome Bettis.

    1. I have some Bus! I loved watching him run. So powerful.

      Every time you post a new Cutch, I wish my Griffey collection was that good lol