Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Dr. Strange And Gang

I have mentioned before in the past how a lot of my trades begin. It always starts out with one card or two I really want, then it blossoms to so much more. Once again, this was the case in my latest trade with @APetrelak.

First up, some NY Rangers he tossed in for me. I really dig the UD Ice.

Some Young Guns and rookie cards I am always willing to add. My hockey rookie PC the last few years has been sparse, this should help fill in a bit more.

This was not only a rookie, but a sick looking parallel I was into.

Up next, I have been needing a Carmelo rookie, now I have one. Gotta find myself a D.Wade next. And a Benchwarmer addition. No reason for it, just because.

My first Pinnacle Mint hockey coin. I know many think this was a crazy idea, but I liked it.

Unopened pack for my new series coming up in January.

Some shiny soccer adds.

This was a really cool card. A Marvel Gems Crystal Clear card. It's printed on a very thick acetate. Nice addition to my non sports PC.

Speaking of nice additions to my Non Sport PC, this card is the one that started this trade. As soon as I saw it, I wanted it. Great design as well.
A big thanks goes out to Alec again for the mail day. I hope we can make more trades down the road. 


  1. I might have a Dwyane Wade RC for you. Let me check, it will take me a few days.

    1. Thanks Billy! It doesn't matter what brand it is as long as it's classified as a rookie

  2. I'm blown away by how popular the Young Guns subset is. A few years ago my buddy and I inherited a huge collection (mostly hockey). We sat in a San Diego hotel sifting through the boxes as fast as we could taking out any autograph or relic we found... as well as the big name rookie cards, inserts, and parallel. The rest we left in the boxes and dropped them off at Goodwill. There had to be hundreds of Young Guns in there of guys we hadn't heard of at the time. Somebody truly hit the jackpot at Goodwill that year.

    1. Wow. If I had been nearby I would had checked that out.

      Some of the Young Guns are worth more than HOF autograph cards. It's mind blowing.

      I like it though. It gives base cards some value again. I miss UD doing other sports when they would sp the star rookies

  3. I like the design for the Doctor Strange autographs. The X-23 card is frickin awesome too.