Monday, September 4, 2017

Field Day

Today is Labor Day, a day that marks a small get together in my small town every year. We call it Field Day.

It usually starts out with a parade, there is fun raffle auction where you can buy tickets and win prizes, there is good food and vendors set up throughout the town. It sounds like a big thing, it's really not, but locally it is.

One year there was a vendor set up with baseball cards I purchased from. Will he ever return again? I am not sure. But, at least I have some baseball cards to show off today thanks to a contest mail day from @RMcardsfan.

I know it's sometimes hard to understand my collecting. How many fans do you see collect cards from a hated rival? Well, that's me. Devers has been on fire just like a good portion of this years rookies.

Here's another one of those great rookies

Another Devers. This time a refractor.

And speaking of refractors.....

This guy!
A big thanks goes out to @RMcardsfan for the mail day. If you guys aren't following him yet on Twitter, go hit that follow button. A nice guy and generous collector.

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  1. Wow. Aaron Judge rookie refractor? That's one heck of a prize. Congratulations.