Monday, September 4, 2017

Refocusing My PC

For months now I have been hoping to do this post and update so much on the blog, but I just haven't had the time. Hopefully by years end I will have my whole revamp ready to go.

I have decided to refocus my PC some for a variety of reasons. There are some things I like seeing in the mail more than others, I get a ton of doubles and triples in trades, and I just wanted to finish up some long time projects and build upon a new fun PC in non sports cards. I am also really hoping to narrow things down a bit more by years end as well so I don't have so much to focus on.

I have also decided to be done with set collecting which I will touch more on in another post but on The Origins Of A Cardboard Addict there is a list of sets I do want to acquire as a whole set and you can find that list, HERE. I am also still chasing down my 90's Ex and Spx set projects. I will update all of this as well.

So for now, I am breaking down what I prefer to collect in a three-part section. This list is my trade preferences and my personal list of items to get. They are in order from most important to least. Things to think about is just because something is last doesn't mean I don't collect it still, it just means I prefer something else more.

I have made notes next to all preferences and made sure my want lists and needs are all up to date til I revamp them again by years end.

Here are my preferences in order:

NY Giants (numbered inserts or all refractor type items from Prizm, Optic and Chrome, hits of all kinds and 2017 base and rookies)
Rodney Hampton needs. Check out MY TAB and help a brotha out! Most are overly affordable finds.
Missing Ghostbusters Autographs (listed under my want list tab)
Ghostbusters Slime Cards, Sketch Cards, and Film Cel cards (any and all)
Missing Psych Autographs (listed under my want list tab)
Missing Psych Insert needs (will post those up soon)
Celebrity Autographs and Relics (Ginter, Americana, Goodwin, Golden Age and so on. All of it works as I am building my non-sport PC)
Rookie Card Needs (I will be making a list of these needs as well)
Player Autographs (under my want list find a good list of players I want autographs of)

Ken Griffey Jr (it's tough here to say what I need for him other than hits and some of the 90's inserts. I do need tons of base but will need to see them first)
Aaron Judge (I will take any and all of him especially the ones under the want list tab)
Unique Piece cards (helmet, stadium seats, sheet metal, gloves, etc)

NY Yankees (I will only be accepting Derek Jeter besides Judge, Hits-I don't have barely any-and Numbered cards. NO BASE)
1995-1999 inserts from all sports (unless specified)
Numbered Celebrity Cards 
Letterman (unless it's a letter I need to spell out Sport Card Collectors)
Letterman Autographs (same as Letterman above)

I plan on updating the entire tab section, PC section and all other sections of the blog when I get the chance. My want list and needs will get revamped as well. I plan on revamping the way I do posts as well.

Keep an eye out on these updates as they will be done over the next few months or when I have time. I may start doing some tomorrow as I am still on somewhat bed rest and the Mrs is working but we will see.


  1. Love it buddy...I think finding some clarity in collecting helps make it more fun!

  2. I've been updating my want list as well, eliminating players mainly and adding set needs. Looking forward to your updated lists. Maybe I can help with a few Jeters when you know what you need.

    1. Thanks Julie! My Jeter wants are deep. I don't have a ton of Derek so any additions to that PC would be nice :)

  3. Now that I'm on a stricter hobby budget... I'm trying to refocus my collection as well. I like the idea of a tiered preference list. Might need to try it out.

    1. I know all about a strict budget. I have some posts coming up on that and tips that I have done to help me continue collecting despite my very strict one.

  4. Over the last month or so I have been hammering out something similar, a minimal budget forced me to take a look at what interests me the most and focus on those elements only. I will take a look at my collection to see if I can help with your wants list.