Saturday, September 23, 2017

SI For Kids Cards September 2017

Here is my eleventh installment of this series.

I have been collecting SI For Kids cards for year and thought I would share them with you and help you decide if you should pick up the latest issue of SI For Kids for yourself.

Once again I found myself looking for Aaron Judge but came up empty on the card end anyways. However, his ROY counterpart Bellinger was found in here. This marked my first rookie card of his. There were also Oilers star Connor McDavid, Buc's WR star Mike Evans and a few other sport adds. Pretty solid month in my opinion.


Earlier I noted how I came up empty on Judge in the card end, but I didn't come up completely Judge-less. This poster in the middle was a nice touch.
Maybe in October we will find ourselves a Judge card just like we will find the Yankees in October.

Thoughts on this months cards are welcomed below.

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  1. Although Judge's window is still open... I was definitely disappointed that SI didn't produce a card earlier in the year. Hopefully they'll finally produce a card of him for the October issue.