Monday, October 9, 2017

Giant Overload!

For the first time since myself and @DJSeneseiNJ have traded, we actually did a very quick one. Our usual trades are long drawn out ones that take a bit of tweaking on both ends til we were both happy. This time it was a simple let's trade and mail.

I was very impressed by the cards I got in return as @DJSeneseiNJ really sent a bunch of extras this time.

Some 90's Giants here.

Some newer Giants here. I really like the Huddle Up card. Neat perspective.

Some Hampton. Sadly I have them but it's always nice to see Rodney in the mail.

I really like the Mike Berkus. Never met him and wished I had, but to have one of the industries greats card is pretty cool.

A couple more new Giants. The Simms is very shiny.

A Gypsy Oak card. He does amazing work. This is really cool.

Another Star Wars medallion for my non sports PC.

Speaking of non sports PC, my second UD comic heroes auto. The silver ink really stands out here.

Up next, a really nice looking Paul Perkins auto rookie card. I really wished he had panned out but this season has been a total disappointment. Not sure if it's him and the oline, just him or just the oline.

One guy that wasn't a disappointment in his time playing was David Wilson I don't know what number autograph this marks of him that I have, but I think he is quite the inspiration coming back from his terrible neck injury to do running as a career, so adding his autographs is never a bad thing.

And to finish up the mail day, some NYY coins I didn't have.
A big thanks goes out to @DJSeneseiNJ for another great mail day and for all of the extras. I look forward to our next trade!

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