Friday, October 13, 2017

Going to Xtremes

Yup, Rodney is back.

Once again today we go back to 1996 and go to the Xtreme. In 1996 Playoff Absolute Football, which by the way the base cards rank in my Top 10 all-time favorite designs, you could find these acetate Xtreme Team inserts that fell 1:24 packs or one-per-box.

It looks as cool as it appears as Rodney is "shredding" up on his run or at least on this card. I just wished these had been numbered that would have taken it to the next level.
A thanks goes out to Jammin JD Sports Cards for helping me add this one to the PC.

After looking at this insert again, I pose the question, what ever happened to cool inserts like this anyways?

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  1. 90's inserts set the bar so high... that only a small percentage of today's inserts ever reach that level of coolness.