Monday, October 16, 2017

Just Encased You Had A Redemption....

I cannot remember how long ago I got today's card. It was not long after the 2016 Panini Encased product released but I have been so backed up on blogging that it's taking me this long to get it posted.

But, remember when I told you I don't mind redemption cards because I let them go the 4 months so I can actually get something I would want more, well, this was the case. Or I should say, the encase.

I had two some-what decent redemptions end after 4 months and just like I normally do, I contacted Panini Customer Service Via Twitter to get them replaced. You can ask to get them replaced on Twitter which makes the process much faster.

At the time I had no idea what was arriving in their place, then this bad boy showed up a few days later...
Wow! What a beaut! Now you see what I don't mind redemptions too much? What were the odds I actually pulled this in a box instead of have gotten those redmeptions...astronomical. I never pull PC stuff.
So when I see a redemption card in my box, I just smile and wait.


  1. That worked out nicely. It is cool that they were able to get a Giants card for you

  2. Panini is the best at this, I recently cleared my queue and got some sick stuff in return. Great card!

  3. Nice. I have a couple Panini redemptions I've been waiting on for awhile. Maybe one day I'll contact them about replacements.