Wednesday, October 11, 2017

One Of A Kind

I always travel the internet and window shop, especially since the last two years have been so tough financially, so when I stumbled upon a pretty cool Rodney Hampton card that I have never seen or heard of before I wanted it. Once again however,  finances prevented me from just snagging it and it had to go straight to my watch list where a bunch of broken dreams exist.

Luckily I know some great people in the hobby and thanks to my buddy Jammin JD Sports Cards, I was able to add this one of a kind card to my Hampton PC. Sorry other Hampton or more likely Georgia collectors, I am keeping this one.

This card was printed by Masterpiece Collectables. They made a set of these exclusive 1/1 Special Olympics Nevada cards from 1998 Score base cards that I assume were sold for funds to help the Special Olympics. Something I find really awesome and wished more companies including card companies would do today. I bet a lot of collectors would grab cards of their favorite players if they were 1/1's and were going to legit fundraisers or non profit organizations.

The card also included a Certificate Of Authenticity that tells you about this special card.
This is probably one of the coolest cards in my Hampton PC.

Let me know in comments your thoughts on this card, your thoughts on if companies tried this today  if you would buy to help support legit fundraisers or non profit organizations.

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