Monday, November 6, 2017

Cut Backs:Members Only

When I first got today's card from Jammin JD Sports Cards, I assumed it was the regular Cut Backs inserts I needed from 1996 Stadium Club. The regular version of these fall 1:36 packs and have held their value over the years for the top players.

This is the front which I thought looked like the regular front....

But, the back had some very underlying writing on it you can barely see. To my surprise, it was a Member Only parallel to Cut Backs. Super Sweet!
So I began my research on the card. I knew that the base set had Members Only parallels that were produced to only 750 sets, but what about an insert and what were the odds on this? After a bit of searching, my research came up empty. So I can only assume only 750 of this card exist as well and it's not one I have ever seen in my Hampton searches.
Thoughts on today's unique addition is welcomed in comments.


  1. Not sure how much stock you put into Beckett, but the Members Only insert parallels are actually valued less than the actual inserts people pulled from packs. I think their reasoning is that when people purchased the "Members Only" sets from Topps, they received all of the insert sets too, which in a weird sense... made them easier to acquire. But once again... that's according to Beckett.

    1. I still put stock into Beckett but many don't anymore. I am surprised as well that a parallel is worth less than a base version. Should be worth more.